Department of Health Professions
Online Professional Information Service

The Department of Health Professions has partnered with VI to offer this online Public Information Database. This service allows users to access name and address of licensees within each Board. Please notice that no phone numbers or email addresses are provided, due to security issues. There are two options for accessing the Public Information Database.

Option 1: Access as a subscriber (Instruction)

Entities may choose to become VI Premium Service Subscribers. Subscribers pay an annual $95 subscription fee. Subscribers will be issued a unique login ID and password that allows them to access a web site where they may search and easily download chosen information. Subscribers may sort the data by occupation, last name and/or location. This information can be placed into an office database that will allow subscribers to create mailing labels, envelopes, and/or letterhead without having to reenter the data. Subscribers may select their preferred option for monthly billing of these services.
A return from a request will look like this in a Pipe Delimited format:
For example:
0024084356|Licensed Nurse Practitioner|Jane Doe|1234 Main St|Suite 100|Richmond|VA|23219|01/01/2000|01/01/2004|N|Obstetrics|Family
Fees for this service are:
Premium Service Agreement Subscription Fee:
First record request with each download
For each additional 1,000 records or a part thereof
$20.00/1,000 records
Fee for 727 records: $120.00
Fee for 2,999 records: $160.00
Fee for 12,002 records: $360.00

Board certified OR self-proclaimed specialty information, when available,are at an additional 20 percent charge.
Before each download is complete, you will be shown a summary screen with the fee of each download. You have the option to Start Download or Decline. You will be charged each time the Start Downloading button is pressed.
To become a Premium Service Subscriber, simply complete the VI Premium Service Subscription Agreement and submit it with the $95.00 annual fee. You will be given a user id and password to access this application. Subscribers to this service may be eligible for additional VI Premium Services. Please feel free to complete and submit all forms that relate to each of the Premium Services for which you wish to apply.

Option 2: Access as a non-subscriber (Instruction)

Entities who do not wish to become subscribers may access the information by entering a secure site, entering a credit card number, and selecting the information they would like to receive in an electronic file. This file is not formatted to be easily placed in an office database or used for a mailing list. If you are using this list to generate a mailing list, please use option 1.
A return from this option will look like this in a Text only format:
(empty line)
For example:
Licensed Nurse Practitioner
Jane Doe
1234 Main St
Suite 100
(empty line)
Fees for this service are:
Request up to 25,000 records $200.00
25,001 to 50,000 records $250.00
50,001 to 75,000 records $325.00
75,001 to 150,000 records $425.00
More than 150,000 records $850.00


Subscription and lookup data serve as primary source verification of the credential issued by the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Virginia Department of Health Professions (DHP) website linked to is the official website of the agency for providing license lookup and license verification information. The website receives and hosts the DHP information directly from the DHP database in an electronic manner protected from alteration by unauthorized individuals. 

Consistent with JCAHO, NCQA, and other standards for primary source verification, the site is considered a primary source for DHP data – it is the same information the agency provides through other means, such as its IVR system (804) 270-6836, fax, or mail and is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. The information is updated each business day and the date of the most recent update is provided on the search page